Getting Started

Newskey allows you to visit paid content and pay per article (up to a monthly maximum charge), and also make donations – often with just one click . No matter how many different sites you visit, everything appears on one Newskey invoice, to be paid later.

Use this site for help and instructions regarding how to use the application.

Media Sites

When you visit a site that uses Newskey , you may be asked to do the following:

Sign in: You will be asked to sign in to the site if you are not already. signed in. An account is also made for you at

Verify Phone number : New Newskey users will be asked to add a mobile phone number to their account. (You only do this once.)

Opt in : You will be asked to opt in to use Newskey . You only do this once per site.

Read Articles: You can then read all paid content on the site, and will be charged at the per-article rate set by the site, up to a monthly maximum charge. The site may provide a number of free articles/month, or withdraw a charge if you navigate away from the page (abort the view) before a certain amount of time.

Login to Newskey to see your invoice: When you log into charges from all Newskey connected sites will be listed on your invoice and available for payment at your convenience.

If you incur charges over the Charge Limit set by each site, you will be blocked from that site until you either pay your invoice or add Credit to your account. You can do either.

Some sites may require you to add credit before you initially visit their paid content (they have set the charge limit to 0).


Many partner sites will also accept donations through Newskey – your way to support a cause, reward the site or even reward individual authors for a job well done.

Add a Donation: You can make donations to an organization in 3 ways:

  • At the organizations website directly.
  • By clicking on a link created by the organization (and, if desired completing the donation at
  • By visiting the organizations donation portal at

All donations require you to login (or already be logged in) to authenticate your Newskey account before the donation is completed.

Pay for the Donation: All donations you make will appear on your Newskey invoice (along with any paid articles you have visited), to be paid immediately or at your convenience. You can always adjust donations prior to payment, make them recurring, or even delete them.