Adding Credit

Adding credit will allow you to continue visiting sites where you have gone over your Charge Limit. Every article you view after your Charge Limit has been reached will be deducted from your Available Credit and becomes a credit article. By adding credit, you increase the amount of articles you can visit between invoice payments. Adding Credit is optional.

By default you will pay all credit articles with each invoice payment, and your available credit will return to its original value.

Adding Credit:

  • Navigate to the account section and click on ‘Credit’
  • Enter the amount of credit you want to add to your account and press ‘Pay Now’. You will be directed to Paypal for processing.
  • ‘Available Credit’ will be used on sites where you go over the sites charge limit.. Every time you visit an article over the charge limit that visit is recorded as a ‘credit article’ and deducted from your available credit.

Credit Retirement

When you pay your invoice, you can choose to retire the credit you have used used in that invoice automatically by checking the ‘Retire Credit’ check box. A new item will then be shown on your invoice showing how much credit you have retired with that invoice payment. This simply means you are not paying back any credit articles with the invoice payment. If you have not checked the ‘Retire Credit’ checkbox, your credit will be automatically replenished with each invoice, by paying back the amount of each article which has used your credit.