Slushmoney allows a user to choose their prefered currency.

Choosing Currency : The first time you your add a phone to your account, you will be asked to choose your User Currency. All article views will then be charged in this currency.

Donation Currency : If the currency of your account has not been set, the default currency of the first donation you make becomes your user currency. You can change it at any time.

Changing Currency : You can change the currency of an account, as long as the available credit is less than $1.00. All existing unpaid articles will be converted to the sites set rate in the new currency. The credit balance (less than $1.00) will be moved over without conversion. For donations, you will have to change the donation amounts manually ( if desired) once the new currency has been set.

Linking Accounts : If you wish to link to accounts with different currencies, Articles will be converted to the site’s set rate in the new currency. You will have to mannually adjust any donations when the accounts are linked.

Currency Conflicts : If a donation is made through a link, it may be made in a different currency than the users default currency. In this case the user is prompted to accept the donation in the users default currency, or can change the ammount of the donation.