Account or Email Linking : Linking two email addresses used to access Slushmoney together. If a Social account (i.e. Google of facebook) is used to login, the email associated with these accounts is linked.

Active Invoice : The portion of your invoice page you pay when you click ‘Pay Now’.

Archive : The portion of your invoice page you do not pay when you click ‘Pay now’. You must move sites from the archive in order to view paid articles.

Article : Content on a partner site that may or may not be paid content.

Available Credit : The credit you have available to use towards articles.

Charity Receipt : A receipt given to you by an organization for donations. You can request a charity receipt through Slushmoney, but the organization is responsible for sending the receipt.

Credit : Credits are used to pay for article charges when a user has gone over the charge limit for a site. Credits may be added by a user to their account. Credits may be replinished automatically with an invoice payment, or manually.

Grace Charges : Any charge you incur on your invoice is called a grace charge because you do not technically have to pay it, but are denied access to further arti cle views until you pay it.

Charge Limit : This is the maximum charge you can incur at one site before you are blocked from accessing articles on that site. Charge limits are set by the site owner.

Monthly Maximum Charge : This is the maximum amount for one site you can incur in a month. All articles over th emonthly maximum charge are free on that site.. The monthly maximum charge is set by the site owner.

Phone linking : Adding a phone number to a user account. Adding a verified phone number is necessarry before articles may be charged to an account. A linked phone number is not necessarry for adding donations.




Credit Replenishment:


Payable Links: urls of paid content on Partner Sites.