Making Donations

Donations made to an organization with Newskey are included on your invoice, for payment later.

Before payment, you can change or delete the donation, make it recurring or ask for a Charity Receipt.

Making donations

You can make donations with Newskey in 3 ways:

By Website

Websites can implement donations through the a custom implementation, or through the Newskey WordPress plugin. The site will inform you that the donation is through Newskey . You will need to log into the site before making the donation.

By link

Clicking on a donation link created by the organization will result in a donation being made in the amount specified in the link. You will be prompted to log in to Newskey (if not already logged in), and a success message will be displayed that confirms the amount of the donation. At this time, you can make any adjustments to the donation, if needed, by clicking on the donation.


You can visit the organizations portal at and input the donation amount, whether it is recurring, and if you want to request a charity receipt.

Recurring Donations

You can make any donation recurring monthly. Some sites will give this option when you pledge the donation. You can also toggle whether you want the donation to be recurring (every month) on your invoice. Recurring donations will accrue if you do not pay your invoice monthly.

Editing/Deleting Donation Amounts

On your invoice, click on the donation Description to bring up expanded information. Then click the ‘edit’ button next to the donation. You will be given options to delete or edit the donation amount. You can also adjust whether the donation is recurring, and request a Charity receipt, if that option has been enabled by the Partner.

Charity Receipts

Some sites will give the option to give a Charity receipt for Donations. To enable this, check the box that says ‘Request Charity Receipt?’

It is up to the Partner to honor this request. Partners are provided with your primary email at Newskey and a record of all the donations you have given to them through Newskey . They are also responsible for establishing the time period for the receipt (i.e once a year, etc.), and when that receipt is provided. Contact the organization directly regarding Charity Receipt details, and how they approach it, Organizations may ask for more information such as mailing address, etc.. Newskey cannot answer these questions on behalf of the Partner.

Note the check box is either on or off for the entire organization – you cannot request charity receipts for individual donations and not others Also, if you turn off the charity receipt option for a site, you will not receive receipts for previous donations.