Visiting Media

Every Media Site will have a slightly different way of implementing Slushmoney. The following items are standard.


You must login at a partner site to use Slushmoney. The email accociated with your method of login is used to add charges to your Slushmoney account. If you login with a social media account *Google or facebook), the email associated with that account is used for your slushmoney account.

Phone Number and Currency

Every Slushmoney user that accesses articles with Slushmoney must have a verified phone number attached to their account. The verification process consists of entering a 6 digit code sent by SMS to your phone. At the same time as your phone verification, you will be asked to choose your currency, and accept the terms and conditions. All subsequent charges will be in this default currency, unless you change it.

Opt In/Remove from Archive

You will be prompted to opt in the Slushmoney, which removes the site from the Archive and sets it to your active invoice. At the time of Opt in, you will be shown the rate per article for that site. Subsequently, you will not be shown the price per article before being charged. Bear in mind Partner site may change their article rate at any time pursuant to the Slushmoney terms and conditions. More information about the site, including the price per article, can be found on your invoice in the ‘description’ section of the site. In some cases, the opt-in process may be combined with the log in or registration process at the partner site.