Your Invoice

Pay for all your media views and donations at The invoice does not have a due date so you can pay whenever you want.

To view your invoice visit and login.

The email (or social account) associated with your login must be the same you use when visiting partner sites. If you use multiple accounts to login, you can link these accounts by adding email addresses to your account at

There are three columns to your invoice – Site, Description, and Charge

Site: This is the site you have visited that is charging for article views or where you have pledged donations – for example “” or “”.

Description: This is a short description of the charges you have incurred at the site since your last payment. Some examples:

  • 3 articles : you have visited three articles on the site.
  • 9 articles, blocked.: You have read 9 articles but are blocked from reading anymore until you pay your invoice or add credit to your account.
  • 1 donation : you have pledged a donation at the site listed.

By clicking on the Description, you can access more detailed information (See Site Information, below)..

Charge: This is the total charge for the site.

Other parts of the invoice:

Retired Credit If you have added credit to your account, and have chosen to retire your credit with each invoice payment, the amount of credit you are retiring with the invoice payment is shown here.

Total : This is the total owing on your active invoice.

PAY NOW: Clicking the PAY NOW button will process your payment through our payment processor, Pay Pal. You can choose to pay with your credit card, debit card, or your pay pal balance.

The Archive

You can move sites you don’t want to pay right away to the Archive. They will be removed from your active invoice. If at a future time you want to pay and continue visiting the site, just move it back to the active section and pay with your next invoice.

Sites in the archive also will not accept new charges. When you attempt to visit a paid article at a partner site that is in the archive, you will be prompted to ‘opt in’ again to continue. Once you opt in, the site will be moved back to your active invoice and charges will resume. Archived sites are functionally ‘opted out’ of Slushmoney.

Each time you submit a donation, the site is automatically moved to your active invoice if it is in the archive.

Site Information

Clicking on the Description or Site text for a site will bring up detailed information about the site or donation, as well as all the visits you have made there.

If you click on an ARTICLE description, the following is displayed:

  • Max charge/month: A site will set the maximum you can incur per month at a site. Your invoice will never go above this value in a month. It is similar to a subscription monthly rate.
  • Article Rate: This is the rate you will be charged for visiting paid articles.
  • Max charge/month: A site will set the maximum you can incur per month at a site. Your invoice will never go above this value in a month.
  • Free Articles/Month: A site may allow you free articles per month, the number is listed here. This can be synced with ‘free articles you can access without a subscription.
  • Free if aborted before: This feature gives an option for you to leave a site before this time if, for example, you navigate to it in error or determine you don’t want to visit it immediately. You will not be charged if you leave the site before this time.
  • Access blocked at: This is the charge limit. If you incur more than amount in charges (plus any credit you have added), you are blocked from the site until you pay.
  • Credit Used: This is the credit you have used in the invoice period for this site.; Credit is used when you go over the charge limit for any site. Adding credit to your account allows you to read more articles between invoice payments. For more information see Adding Credit.

If you click on a DONATION description, the following is displayed

  • Charity Receipt (checkbox): Request a charity receipt for all donations to an organization. You cannot request a charity receipt for an individual donation, just turn on or off for the organization.
  • Date: The date the donation was first entered.
  • Title: Every donation has a title assigned to it.
  • Amount: The amount of the donation
  • Edit/Delete: Edit or delete your donation.
  • Monthly: Make the donation recurring monthly. If this checkbox is checked, a new donation for the same amount will recur on the first of every month.

A word on invoices vs credits…..

With some payment systems you need to add credits before using the service. Slushmoney is an invoice system. You incur charges and pay for them later, like a utility bill. You can incur charges up to a limit set by the site you visit. After you go past this limit, you will be blocked from further access until you pay your invoice.

In some cases, you may find that you need to pay your invoice too frequently due to being blocked by that site. For example, if some sites set a low Charge Limit and you visit the site often, you could end up having to pay your invoice more frequently than you would like. In this case you can add Credit to your account. When you have a credits balance, you can go over the Charge Limit by the amount of credit you have added. When you pay your invoice, your credit is automatically replenished, unless you choose to retire it.

In this way, Slushmoney is a hybrid between an ‘Invoice’ system and a ‘Credits’ system – having the benefits of both.