Getting Started

Newskey is a payment platform that has two functions:

  • Allow users to pay per article for paid content (up to a monthly maximum charge = the subscription rate).
  • Accept donations quickly and efficiently , including micro-donations.


Users visit articles and make donations at any Newskey-connected site, then later pay everything on one invoice..

Clients are paid out in a periodic lump sum comprised of all user payments to that client.



  • Per Article charges. Once a user is signed in to your site and registered at Newskey, the user can visit your paid pages without interruption, and is charged for each visit on their Newskey invoice.
  • Set Monthly Maximum Rates, Free Articles Per Month, and reverse charges if an article visit is aborted before a set period of time. Monthly maximum rates can function as a subscription.
  • Implement via the Newskey WordPress Plugin, or craft your own integration through our API.
  • Works “stand-alone” or complements an existing subscription service by adding pay-per-article access (including sync with any existing free articles, monthly rates, etc.)
  • Allows users to start immediately without adding a credit card, or credits.
  • Authentication to your site means an increase in sign-ups. You have control over user engagement. Auto-registration of users at Newskey means fluid user on-boarding.
  • Multi currency/international support : USD, CAN, EUR, GBP, AUD.
  • Lump sum Client payments and detailed reports.
  • Simple percentage based fee system and no monthly charge.


  • Users can donate in three ways:

1. Link (a custom url created at the Client dashboard). The link contains all donation information (donation amount, etc.) within the url.

2. Client Portal at (Every client has a customizable portal attached to their account).

3. Client’s website (wordpress plugin or other API integration allowing donations without leaving the client’s website).

  • Signed in users donate with one click. Signed-out users simply authenticate at your site or at, depending on the donation method.
  • Users can pay (or edit) donations immediately or later along with other items on their Newskey invoice.
  • Users may donate small amounts in any quantity (micro-donations) with no transaction cost penalty, since the transaction is processed with others.
  • Recurring (Monthly) donation support.
  • Charity Receipt support (Custom donation reports including downloadable CSV files. Clients must produce their own Charity Receipts.)
  • Multi Currency Support USD, CAN, EUR, GBP, AUD.
  • Simple lump sum client payments, detailed reports.
  • Simple per payment fee system and no monthly charge.


Approved clients will be provided with login credentials for their dashboard at

Installation guidance for the Newskey wordpress plugin can be found here. API documentation can be found here.

Contact us and we will be glad to help you with setting up a Client Account, and with installation on your site..